Fancy color diamonds come in almost any color you can imagine. Red, green, purple, orange, pink and blue followed by brown and yellow.  However, many fancy diamond colors are muted rather with color intensity and graded faint, light and fancy instead of pure stronger color which are graded as intense, vivid and deep. The latter are much rarer and much more valuable. The more intensely colored a diamond is, the more valuable and special it becomes. 

The least expensive for a nice fancy colored diamond tennis bracelet would be color yellow with “fancy” intensity. Using this quality diamond the price is similar to the prices of our white diamond tennis bracelets. However I personally am not a fan of “fancy yellow”. I feel the color is too light. Therefore I recommend going for intense or vivid yellow. But with these quality diamonds, prices will be about double the price of our white diamond tennis bracelets.  Regarding other colors such as red, green, purple,pink and blue, the price is significantly higher.
DiamondsAntwerp only offers natural fancy colored diamonds.

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