Symmetry is another important element of a diamond finish. Symmetry is about how symmetrical the facets and angles are in a diamond, and the precision of their alignment and intersection with each other.

Symmetry is important to the overall finish and quality of a diamond’s appearance. A diamond with high symmetry will channel the light correctly which will the enhance the diamond’s overall brilliance.

Both Polish and Symmetry are not as crucial of elementa as the cut is, they still impact the the visual appearance of the diamond.

The diamond’s facets are perfectly sized and proportioned. The location of the diamond’s attributes, such as culet, girdle table, etc. are in all the perfect locations. The diamond is not out of shape. The diamond can achieve an Excellent cut grade.

Very Good
The diamond’s facet sizes and proportionately are near perfect. There may be one or two disproportionate elements that are viewed under 10px magnification. The impact on the diamond Cut grade and sparkle are minimal. The diamond can still achieve an Excellent cut grade.

The size or location of attributes and facets is slightly disproportionate. The sparkle of the diamond is affected, as a result. The diamond can achieve a Very Good cut grade, at best.

Fair & Poor
The facets and proportionately are noticeably imperfect. In non-round shapes, the shaping is not perfect. The diamond’s sparkle and brilliance are impacted adversely and the diamond can achieve, at best, a Good cut grade. A diamond with poor symmetry may misdirect light that travels into the diamond, sending it off at slightly wrong angles, and thereby reducing the diamond’s brilliance,


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