Diamond Rivière Necklace
22.60 – 26.80 ct. in 18k Gold


This ravishing classic diamond tennis necklace offers three distinct sizes, each boasting a unique wealth of radiant diamonds.:

-42 cm containing  113 diamonds
-45 cm containing 121 diamonds
-50 cm containing  134 diamonds

This classic diamond tennis Necklace is available in two diamond configurations:
Premium Collection: featuring round brilliant cut diamonds, Color E/F, Clarity VS2.
Premier Collection: showcasing round brilliant cut diamonds, Color E/F, Clarity VVS.

Each dazzling diamond in these necklaces is meticulously crafted and measures 0.2 ct giving this special and sparkling tennis necklace a total carat weight of *22.60 ct. , 24.20 ct. and 28.60 ct. respectively

Premium Collection Price 18k Gold:
42 cm 29730€ (35973.30€ incl. 21% VAT)
45 cm 31850€ (38538.50€ incl. 21% VAT)
50 cm 35250€ (42652.50€ incl. 21% VAT)
Premier Collection Price 18k Gold:
42 cm 32520€ (39349.20€ incl. 21% VAT)
45 cm 34850€ (42168.50€ incl. 21% VAT)
50 cm 39000€ (47190.00€ incl. 21% VAT)
21% VAT will be added to price in cart when shipping is set to EU address.
Price includes shipping within the EU.
Condition: New.
Handcrafted in Antwerp, Belgium.
100% natural, certified & conflict-free diamonds.

* Diamonds may deviate marginally from mentioned ct diamond weight.

Additional information


White Gold, Yellow Gold, Pink Gold




30.5 g, 32.7 g, 36.3 g


42 cm, 45 cm, 50 cm

Number of Diamonds

113, 121, 134

Individual Carat Size

0.2 ct.

Total Carat Weight

22.60 ct., 24.2 ct., 26.8 ct.

Diamond Quality

Premium E-F VS2, Premier E-F VVS

Diamond Clarity


Color Grade


Diamond Cut


Diamond Polish


Diamond Symmetry



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