Black Diamond Jewels

Elegance in the Dark: Discover Black Diamond Beauty. Black diamonds, born from mystery, are the epitome of unique sophistication. Their deep, captivating hue embodies timeless elegance with a touch of intrigue.

1.04 Ct. Top Black Diamond Diamonds Eternity Band

From left to right 1.90 ct. 3.50 ct. 5.76 ct. 9.60 ct. 18k white gold natural black diamond tennis bracelets. 

3.00 Ct. Top Black Diamond Ring with Halo

What Are Black Diamonds?

Black diamonds, also known as “carbonado,” are a unique and fascinating type of diamond that differs from the traditional white or colorless diamonds. Here are some key characteristics and information about black diamonds:

Color: As the name suggests, black diamonds are known for their deep black or dark gray color. Unlike white diamonds, which are prized for their lack of color (graded on a scale from D, which is colorless, to Z, which has noticeable color), black diamonds get their color from numerous inclusions and impurities within the stone.

Formation: The exact process of how black diamonds form is still a subject of scientific study and debate. Unlike traditional diamonds, which are formed deep within the Earth’s mantle, black diamonds are believed to originate closer to the surface due to their unique characteristics. They are thought to have formed under high-pressure conditions, possibly from meteorite impacts.

Inclusions: Black diamonds contain numerous inclusions, such as graphite and pyrite, which contribute to their dark color. These inclusions are often scattered throughout the stone, giving it a “salt-and-pepper” appearance.

Durability: Black diamonds have the same chemical composition as white diamonds (pure carbon) and are extremely hard, scoring a 10 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. This makes them highly durable and suitable for use in jewelry.

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